My Food Storage Deals: Haiti Relief Effort

Haiti Relief Effort

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

I, like many of you, can hardly bear to hear any more news or see pictures of the devastation in Haiti. I don't know that I have ever seen such poverty and destruction as I have in this country. It truly is devastating and our thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering. I am sure all of us are trying to find ways and think of things we can do to help the people in Haiti. My children have done jobs around the home and other service projects to be able to donate the little money they have to Haiti. It is neat to see how touched they are and their sincere desire to help. My encouragement to all of us today is to find some way, no matter how small, to give of our time or money (or even something as simple as prayers) to those who are in need. Small donations of any amount I am sure will be able to provide food and water for these people.

My husband and I have decided that ALL of this months membership fees from NEW members to Deals to Meals will go directly to the Haiti Relief Effort How can you be part of this effort?

If you have signed up to Deals to Meals in the month of January, or if you sign up this month, email us and let us know you would like your months membership fee to go to Haiti. We will then send payment to the Haiti relief efforts at the end of the month from all of this months new subscription fees. If you are already a member of Deals to Meals, we encourage you to find a way that you can help those in Haiti as well. If we all work together to help those around us who have less than we do, we can make a difference. Situations like this make you appreciate so much more all of the blessings we have been given.


Anonymous January 19, 2010 at 11:21 PM  

I'm confused. You indicate ALL of this months membership fees from NEW members will go towards the relief efforts. So, why would we need to email you to request the money go to Haiti? Isn't that your choice since it is you that will be out the income? Please clarify.

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