My Food Storage Deals: Tips from fellow food storage friends!

Tips from fellow food storage friends!

>> Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you need something to store your food storage items in?

Nancy from Springville has the answer..."I sell used 4 gallon buckets for $1.55 each. They use to have cherries in them and have been pre-rinsed. Great deal and store food well!! I live in Springville. And I deliver to Salt Lake County for a $25-35 fee or if I am going up there for many delivers I only charge $5 per order. They can reach me at: 801-704-9626 Nancy. "

A tip from Miranda for storing water in small spaces...

"My husband and I live in a condo so of course we have no extra space. So when a friend of mine gave me a 15 gal water barrel as a birthday gift and I wasn’t sure where we could put it with out it looking completely out of place (you know cause that bright blue barrel goes with everything J ). My friend suggested that we buy one of those round table tops at the store for about $5 (you know those glass tops that go with the small wooden tables) and turn the water barrel into a side table. That was the perfect solution for us! We just attached the glass top with large scrapbook glue dots (so it is easily removable yet sturdy), threw a table cloth over it and now it holds a few decorations and a desk lamp. (The glass top should even still fit the 30-gal barrel. Your table will just stand a bit taller.) It has worked out perfect for us and I like knowing that even though it is a small amount we still have some water incase of an emergency. "


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