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Bread Bargains

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here is a great tip from a lady in Orem. She says you can go to the following stores and get Grandma Sycamore & SaraLee bread for under $1 a piece. For those of you who live in the Orem or American Fork area--this is the place to go. Enjoy!! Keep the tips coming and I will post all of your great ideas :)
"The name of the store is Old Home Bakery Outlet. The address for the location in Orem is 1360 N State St Orem, UT 84057 phone: (801) 762-0253 and the American Fork location is: 66 N West State Rd American Fork, UT 84003 phone: (801) 763-9510. The location for the American Fork store is on a corner...across from Target...but kind of hidden...people might want to call and ask for directions their first time out. These stores carry Sara Lee and Grandma many random treats...packaged cookies, doughnuts, etc. at a discount. They always give a free loaf of bread when you spend ten dollars. There are also the Wonder/Hostess thrift bread shops. There are stores in Provo and Orem, but I'm not sure of any further north. The Provo location is: 1180 W Center St Provo, UT 84601 phone:801-373-8192 and the Orem address is 725 E 1000S Orem, UT 84097 phone:(801) 224-9886.
Another great place to buy cheap bread (Grandma Sycamore Bread for $1), bagels for cheap, etc. at the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet at 4700 S. and I-215. The store is just east of I-215 at the first light (it used to be a 7-11 store). The Grandma Sycamore white bread is $1/loaf, and the Grandma Sycamore wheat bread is $1.25/loaf. You can’t hardly make it for that price anymore! They also have tortillas and bagels for a good price! The bagels are $1.25/bag, which sell for over $3 in the stores.


Hilary June 4, 2008 at 4:13 PM  

WE ALWAYS got our bread here. I went to a bakery outlet here and there was moldy bread (ewwwwwW)...
oh, how I miss Utah. :)

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