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>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Hello Blog Friends!

I am SO excited about the future of this blogging hobby I started nearly two years ago! I began this blog with very few (if any!) expectations that anyone would read my blog, let alone care what I have to say or share. The last couple of years have been a wonderful experience and it has been fun to get to know many of you, hear your excitement for food storage increase, and to see how FUN blogs can be!

Before our company Deals to Meals began, our company name was My Food Storage Deals--and thus, this blog came about. our company expanded and changed, so did our name. This is why we then created our other blog For nearly a year I have been trying to balance and post on both blogs. This has become a difficult task for me. Not that I don't enjoy both blogs, it is just hard for our readers to navigate through both, find information they are looking for, and for me to keep up on posting.

Well..this is about to change! We are working on combining both of our blogs into ONE and are excited about new features and information we will be able to offer when we finish this process. As of now this blog has been focused on food storage and our Deals to Meals blog has been focused on cooking tips, meal planning, and recipes. Both of these themes go so well together, I think the combination will only be beneficial and a good move all around.

So, long story short, this is my last post on this blog (wierd!) Our blog will now be switched to the web address Be patient with us as we convert the two together--I promise, once it is done, it will be an AMAZING blog with exciting new options! If you are a current follower of this blog, feel free to become a follower/Google Reader of our other blog. You will continue to get food storage information, tips, and recipes on this blog, as well as even MORE recipes, tips and tricks.

Thanks again for reading, commenting, and being part of this blog. I am excited to continue sharing and posting for many years to come!


Caselot Fun and Confessions!

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(My friends showing off their 'loot' after our caselot shopping adventure!)

Do any of you love case lot time as much as I do? Case lot sales make me giddy inside--call me weird! Here in Utah we have them at least twice a year and this week they are going on at Macey's and Smiths. For those of you who have a Smith's near by (Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, etc.), check out their ad and see if their case lot sale is continuing this week as well. They have some GREAT deals on many items this week!

For those of you who do not like grocery shopping, like my cute friend Amanda, try going with friends, it makes ALL the difference! Shopping is always more fun when you have good company! So..find a friend, login to our website to see what the best deals are, and off you go for a fun girls adventure.
Where is my food you ask? How did I go case lot shopping and only buy 1 case of black beans and some wheat? Well, I have to confess something...I am addicted to buying food storage. Being at a case lot sale for me is heaven on earth--food, good deals, the feeling of being prepared, etc., it all comes together for a good ol' fashion fun time for me. Well..after a heart to heart with my husband and our checkbook, we realized this addiction I have with buying food storage. Does anyone else have this problem out there? There is something SO fun about getting good deals and being prepared.
So, with the encouragement of my husband (my PATIENT husband!), I have decided to challenge myself and only spend $100 for the next three months on groceries. This should be okay since I have food storage (plenty!) and three freezers bursting at the seams. I will keep you posted on how my 'new' budget goes--so far I am doing pretty well, but I still have half the month left--yikes!

If any of you have tips on sticking to a food budget, or any other advice you could have for me, feel free to leave a comment! Deals to Meals of course will help you know what to buy and how to cook with the food that is on sale...I just need someone to come with me and say "buy 3 of these items instead of 20"--haha!

So, whether or not you have $100 to spend this month on groceries like I do, or you are taking your tax return and shopping up a storm--I wish you luck on your case lot shopping! Have fun saving money, shopping, being with friends, and getting that natural high that comes from being prepared...all within a reasonable budget--right??
Here are a few pictures from Diana's (my sister & Calif. rep) Girls Night out of Case Lot Shopping--SO FUN!


Enter to win!

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visit our blog and find out how you can win a one year membership to Deals to Meals FREE!

Good luck :)


Tortilla Trauma!

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

(My version of Costco's uncooked tortillas--I have a LONG ways to go!!)

Do you love the new trend of the uncooked tortillas? Where have these been all my life? They are FAR superior to a precooked, dried out tortilla. The fact you can make them right before you eat dinner and have warm tortillas off the griddle in seconds is the next best thing to sliced bread!! The ONLY downfall is how expensive they are! It is hard to get a package of regular tortillas on sale for .77, verses the $3-$4 a package for the uncooked tortillas. For now, this is something I will splurge on, but in the case of an emergency or time I have to live off of my food storage, I think I will need an alternative.

Tortillas really are a great item to have the capability of making from your food storage. They would work great for wraps for lunches, be used in enchiladas, soups, burritos, and can even be used in desserts (they are great buttered with cinnamon and sugar or with a cream cheese filling and fruit inside). The other great thing about learning to make your own tortillas is that they can be made without a leavening agent (like yeast) and you wouldn't need to bake them in the oven if your power was out. They can be cooked on the grill or in a pan over a camping stove.

Now to my dilemma! I have not mastered tortilla making yet and it is driving me crazy! I am posting the recipe I have been using (it seems to be a pretty basic recipe I see out in the blog world), but I can not get them to work. They are either too thick, too dry, too doughy, or too ugly. You name it and I have had a something go wrong. My tortillas are more like saltine crackers than they are a soft, warm tortilla.

I need your help! If you know the secret to making a soft, thin, and heavenly tortilla, will you please share your knowledge with me? ANY tips or tricks would be helpful for me--just leave a comment or email me at THANKS!! In the mean time, here is my sub-par tortilla recipe:

Homemade Flour Tortillas
2 c. all purpose flour
2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
3 T. shortening

Mix together with enough water to make a stiff dough. Roll dough VERY thin and fry on hot skillet.

(My dough in a food processor)

(My dough balls that were uneven and dry)

(My million dollar tortilla smasher that I bought off of Ebay that doesn't work!!)

(My not-so-cute tortilla cooking on my grill)

Thank you in advance for your help with my tortilla dilemma :)


Powdered Eggs at the BEST price!

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

I posted a few posts ago about the importance of having powdered eggs in your storage. I have a couple cans in my storage but wanted to beef up my supply by 2-3 more cans (I use a lot of eggs in my cooking!).

After some price comparisons, I have found the least expensive place in Utah to purchase powdered eggs. Macey's is having their case lot sale this week and are having their powdered eggs (2.25 lb. can) for $14.99. This is normally a great deal, but I have found it for even less!

Honeyville Grain (the store--not the online store) is having a powdered egg sale that is good through April 17th. They have their 2.25 lb. can of powdered eggs on sale for $12.04! This is equal to 78 eggs (or $1.85 dozen). This is a little more than regular priced eggs (prices have gone up throughout the years), but these are still an economical item to have in your storage.

Here is there address in case you live close enough to take advantage of this sale:

635 N. Billy Mitchell Road #A
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

For those of you out side of Utah, this will help you know what price would be a good deal for you to stock up on. Anything under $15 for a 2.25lb. can is a GREAT deal and worth stocking up your food storage.


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