My Food Storage Deals: Case lot time in Utah & Idaho!

Case lot time in Utah & Idaho!

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

For those of you who live in Idaho, Ridley's, Broulim's, and Paul's are all having GREAT case lot sales this week! Stock up on basic food storage items like flour, sugar, rice, tomatoes, beans, and MUCH more!

For those people in Utah, Fresh Market, Buy Low, and Ridley's are also having their case lot sales. These sales end TOMORROW--so go shopping before these prices go up!! For those in Orem, Hyrum, and Tremonton you now have the new grocery store Ridley's. This is an Associated Food Store that has bought out a few of the Albertson's that have gone out of business. These prices can be found on our website under Idaho's weekly deals until we have them accessible under Utah. The deals for Ridleys are also on the Utah Tips of the Week sheet if you would like to know which items are GREAT deals!

For all those who would like help knowing which items this week from the case lot sales are GREAT deals, become a member of Deals to Meals! We will tell you exactly which items to buy, how much to buy, their shelf life, and help you know how to save money on your monthly grocery budget. Everyone is welcome to try our service for TWO weeks free and see if our system will work for you. Enjoy and have fun shopping!


Trenda March 8, 2010 at 1:36 PM  

Hi, I am trying to get my food storage together and am wondering what you think about putting oxygen packs in my rice/wheat/oats/sugar/etc. I noticed that you just have yours in the original bags/containers that they came in. I feel that would save a lot of money not having to buy 5 gallon buckets for all of it, but isn't it more likely to get bugs and go bad faster? If you could either respond to my e-mail: or in a comment on here, that would be great! Thanks!

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