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Baking Specials

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

I am sorry I have not posted for nearly two weeks! Ah! This time of year is such a FUN and busy time. I love the holiday parties, family events, delicious food, and service opportunities all around us--but, it sure makes it hard to find time to blog. I hope all of you are enjoying this Christmas season and create lasting memories with family and friends.

One disappointment of this season has been the baking sales at the grocery stores (at least in Utah). For as long as I remember, I have always stocked up my flour and sugar supply at Thanksgiving/Christmas time. This year however, none of our local grocery stores have had sales that beat Costco, Walmart, Sams Club or the LDS Cannery. The lowest amount I have seen flour go for this season was $3.25 for a 10 lb.--not great! I think gone are the days of $1.99/25lb. bag of flour :( So..for those of you who are still in need of these two essential baking items, Sam's Club (or Costco) is the place to stock up!

Sams Club
25lb. bag of flour just under $6 (prices are a little different at all stores) Costco is just a few pennies more
Year Supply Amount Recommended: 75lbs. per person

Sam's Club
25lb. bag of sugar around $10 (Costco again is a just a few pennies more than Sam's Club)
Year Supply Amount Recommended: 40+ lbs. per person

Have fun baking!!

*Thankfully there were several items on sale this week for GREAT deals: powdered/brown sugar, canned pineapple, olives, crackers, pickles, juices, snack items (chips, dips, cookies), etc. For a complete list, visit Deals to Meals and see what ALL of the great deals are this week!


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